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tv   [untitled]    February 13, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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transit routes the ripples you'll best way to the heart of mosco. star studded team russia cruised to a solid victory over slovenia in their first ice hockey match at the winter olympics but bitter disappointment also was a recurring injury forces skating superstar you have any pollution go to withdraw from competition. the outlets here have tried hard to make the olympics in russia smell like cold war recycled symbols thirty year old rhetoric to look at why some in the media seem to be on a crusade against the winter games. also leave the u.k. leave sterling london says it won't share currency with scotland if it votes yes for independence. and a radical movement in greece declares war on the german capitalist apparatus blaming berlin for their country's surge in poverty and unemployment.
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eleven pm in moscow i'm at tresor good to have you with us the sochi games into their sixth day r t is there are bringing you all the latest triumph defeat and drama of the twenty second winter games for the details we go live again to our sochi studios with kevin owen standing by. he did get evening everybody welcome to the heights of sochi and the day's big events on what is now day six oh it's just closing in the course of the olympic city and it's been a day of extreme ups and downs for russia from joy at the victory of the red machine to a sad ending of one of the most outstanding figure skating careers in more times.
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today's polarizing events. twenty years in the sport thirty one year old. has announced his retirement from figure skating and it ends in disappointing fashion injury has forced him to withdraw from the men's individual competition here in sochi now he landed quickly during his warm up and aggravated a long time complaint the career on the ice has taken its toll on his physical health over the years he's undergone surgery no less than twelve times and even has a prosthetic disc in his back now he was looking to become the single most decorated figure skater in winter olympic history only needed was a third place finish to achieve that but he now has to share however he does have one gold medal to his name from these games after he helped russia to victory in the team event over the course of the weekend but sadly the curtain has come down on the career of one of russia's greatest ever sportsman but it wasn't all bad news
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for russia on thursday russia actually secured a silver medal in the first ever luge team relay event. was bronze in the men's biathlon twenty eight of course is the event that combines cross-country skiing and shooting the other highlights of the day was russia's men's hockey team they won their first match against slovenia five two i was fortunate enough to be in the bolshoi which you can probably see just behind me in the distance that now despite the relatively comfortable nature of the school and russia really made to work for their victory people were expecting the red machine to simply sweep slovenia aside is the first time they have entered a team into the men's ice hockey competition since they gained independence but russia really was made to work for it they did storm into a two nil lead in the first five minutes the atmosphere was electric at that point but slovenia showed realistically and it was three two going into the final twenty minutes they were real nerves and tension inside the bolshoi but russia's class and quality shone through in the end in those final twenty minutes to secure the five
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two victory but to give you an idea of how much how much pressure is on this russian team we may. wager in that final period from the bolshoi to this life points we will be walking through the olympic park and it was amazing to see how much quieter the olympic park was in comparison with a couple of hours earlier everyone was trying to get a glimpse of this red machine in action trying to watch the russian ice hockey team because when they play it really is something that does unite the nation but they're up and running with that five to victory the next match it's an intriguing want to gauge the usa it's intriguing for so many reasons and america one there are much seven one against slovakia well after russia's day victory r.t. caught up with one of the defeated slovenian players there was a very tough game specially from the start they were they were flying the first period they had a lot of chances but our goal here was pretty good he kind of say does the first period but then the second period to be reset in the locker room we have nothing to
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lose we have to play our system if you want to play them and that's what it is we played our system pretty well and i think that's why we got all those on board were to notice and we were couple of them and if it wasn't from those that for the goal maybe we would surprise them in the end i think of the game. you have about a poor little bit later the scene of course is a big news that they are pushing because we draw the take in all of us about here and if you are even that much into sport you probably would have heard his name anywhere cause especially to after r.t. spoke his gold double gold winning teammate so close so hard it can be to handle the emotional pressure never mind physical injury like he said such a track history of. it was impossible to imagine the strength of emotions i for example had prepared myself to do everything calmly and properly as my choreographer told me i would calmly finish the program hold the final pose for
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several seconds then bow out we were supposed to calmly wait until the other players finished their performance and i didn't manage to do anything of the kind. i also couldn't hold back my emotions tears of joy simply rose in me beyond my will i was absolutely happy was over and it ended so well for us. there's been some concern about the weather in sochi being too good but the games so far for many of the pessimistic hearts with regards those lympics specially the media around the world that has given up now thankfully at last looking for the faults and broken door knobs exactly instead they've settled down to enjoy the sport but not absolutely everyone some media outlets recognizing that ranting over those said broken door knob doesn't give them the ratings they need they have resorted instead to tried and tested methods material instantly eerily similar to the kind of cold war propaganda used to see has been appearing on the front pages
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of a number of publications arties going to cannes put them side by side for you to make your own mind up. you know some media outlets here have tried so hard to make the olympic seem russia smell like cold war in their coverage some didn't even bother to come up with new tools new graphics same old bear this cover is from one thousand nine hundred eighty when the us boycotted the summer games in the soviet union of course there were calls to boycott the sochi olympics as well similar images as the handcuffs and all barbed wire not new as you can see. craig who wrote several books about news coverage in america is here with me to chat about all this sea of negativity thank you so much for coming craig you know russia has come a long way since one thousand eight hundred and some very different country now but it seems some of these outlets won their readers want their audience to see what russia as if it's still nine hundred eighty. well these are very familiar themes
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both to the public but also to the owners and many of the old time reporters so people fall into a comfortable pattern that actually extends back many decades and is quite apparent if you look for it as you. know it's quite clear that people took the old magazine covers and said let's just updated for this olympics stereotypes are strong. exactly and you know they call it the news industry but in many ways people like the old industry but the old. but call it news but sometimes you know in the middle of this sea of negativity you sometimes see reports like the one i saw in the new republic the officer went to a popular gay bar in sochi and writes about how desperate for you journalists are trying to find traces of gay persecution there and they can't those they talk
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to. say no one is bothering them except germany's part of the issue is when people self sensor or they believe they know what the story is before they go to the scene and what you're describing sounds like a classic case that happens all over the place where reporters think they know what the story is and all are trying to do is find someone to attach a name and a face to the story that's almost written in the reporter or editors have. to create thank you thank you you know even russians who are critical of the government found this old school smear campaign upsetting but for most it's like in the old russian saying that god does bark but the caravan moves on so let them bark enjoy the game so i'm going to check on in washington our team. brought up the
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issue of media mudslinging with one of the most vibrant personalities the sochi games who burt is von hohenlohe and he is if you didn't know a german prince by blood and also a mexican citizen by birth these are the sixth elin big games he's taken part that he says he loves it he also told us russia's biggest mistake though as far as he's concerned there goes to sochi was that he thinks not enough was invested in. i think it's great it's a great game i think that russia the only problem that they have this station that hired a p.r. person like me to be better p.r. before i mean you know it's a great place and they will want the full menu of the for everything is really cool and they should have just got the positive of my over to europe and to america there were some negatives so it's a bit sad that. they maybe in russia you don't use so much p.r. which is what is very very important because the word of mouth and the presentation
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is very important it was too negative and then he doesn't deserve this negativity yeah absolutely we're also going to more free but for the athletes by their experiences and such in how they found the olympic venue both sports people have visitors the response has been overwhelmingly positive here's some of what was there the say. the sleepy time city hosted an olympics it'll be a little bit of a above all because he runs you know the country is trying really hard to make a good impression. and should rest on the same bat they have that made a great impression on me i hear you every bathroom enough as it is being civically and it's i mean it's interesting because i think yes you do see that bob think that it's unfinished but you know i have finished what they haven't time i think i've done amazing job i've been here. three days and it's been pretty sweet like i was here the last three years in a row and i heard the stories coming man and i didn't really understand it. it's
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not like i'm not on the real vegas but it's just pretty sweet like our accommodation our food features pretty spoiled i guess what a crock in dave spain as we've been reporting sanitizes had its lows too but the sixth day of the such a limpid games has drawn to an end there's so much more yet though for me to bring to you up to join me get it i was time for the back to you in the studio. the g. twenty four teen promise is the call to make in exhilarating winter an eight year journey and you make seven zero in on the rest of our lives take news team for sochi twenty four take. on. journey to same some of the day's other top stories the upcoming independence referendum will be very high stakes gamble for scotland as london has announced that a yes to sovereignty would mean a no to a shared currency george osborne chancellor of the exchequer says edinburgh would
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have to leave the pound if it leaves the u.k. or smith has the details. what chance the georgia has been saying is if scotland walks away from the u.k. it also walks away from the pound he's very clear about that he said that there are four things that are necessary to have a currency really and so for scotland to shed the pounds and then proceeded to demolish the possibility of those conditions being met the first thing he talked about was a banking union scotland of course has a huge financial sector is worth about twelve times its g.d.p. alone there's no way that scotland would be able to bailout its own bags you've only got to look at the huge royal bank of scotland for that the u.k. has only just managed to extricate itself from an obligation to bail out european banks so what on earth would put it self back into an obligation to bail out scottish banks fiscal cooperation then osborne talked about a shared agreement on taxation and spending would necessitate the rest of the u.k. and scotland seedings over and t.
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in terms of how much it taxed its citizens of what it spent that money on why should the u.k. do that he says why should it have to consult with a foreign country on taxation then he talked about a monetary union also would be necessary to have a shared currency and an agreed exchange rate policy and as part of the u.k. he said scotland is insulated from any kind of fall in oil prices but if it went on its own a fall in zero prices would lead to big job losses in scotland it was have to then respond by cutting spending and raising taxes which would result in pressure for scotland to give up the pound and then the fourth thing that he talked about was the permanence of the currency union it must be permanent he said in order to encourage confidence from the markets but this goes this national party has already said that it's not committed to a permanent currency union it said that in its white paper in november that if it did share the pound that would be
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a temporary arrangement which would be very damaging for the pound is huge political. pressure now which amounts according particularly to the s.n.p. to bully and basically this is the stick part of a carrot and stick tactic david cameron spoke last week of essentially begging the scots to stay don't go he said we really need you now we have george osborne this week saying hey you know. this is how bad things would be if you do this is sort of two sides the same coin may play into the hands of the yes campaign you know yesterday's in scotland will resent being bullied by westminster in this way so that that may shift things dramatically towards a yes but. stay with us more news coming up after this short break.
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you know the united states has as many think tanks as the next ten countries combined yes one thousand eight hundred twenty eight to tell three hundred million people how to sing. the. economic down in the final. days. and the rest. will be.
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seventeen minutes past the hour now the writing may be on the wall for germany and greece is a radical group there is published a manifesto putting all of greece's economic trouble on berlin the anticapitalist movement claimed responsibility for firing shots at the german ambassador's residence in december and threatening more attacks or to marry if an ocean reports from athens. police and security forces are on high alert here in the greek capital with riot police patrolling the streets in groups of five or six officers and that's after the evidence was discovered of the dangerous activity over medicare extremist group known here in greece as the popular father's group order to say
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they claimed responsibility for december attack on german ambassador as residence here in the great capital when a group of unknown gunmen fired if least fifty bullets at that building no one was heard but many is that it happened and another attack this time at the tap and in january. they had quarters of reset as bands in the outskirts of athens as well the group sent a twenty page manifesto to a weekly leftwing satirical magazine titled the mouse in greek explained that that was their reaction their response to greece's protracted financial crisis for which they believe germany is to blame and declared it's part of a campaign against the german capitalist machine calling on the all greeks to join their fight so why germany been blamed the country is the largest donor for greece's bailouts the country has been relying on since two thousand and ten we
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each have forced greece to introduce harsh austerity measures that have been truly increased dramatically unemployment here in the country risa high that many greece could get behind this and his group calling on the residents of this country to join their fight has been covering the financial crisis since the beginning and we've heard many tragic stories and even this time we were able to speak to some residents of athens and i can say that the tide news and despair are among the most . one feelings in the say ten people say they're tired they no longer have power went to even take to the streets to protest and moreover they no longer believe that could change anything that's how. you've sold the situation but to restrain very high of provocations and violent acts and this is why we will
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apparently see some extra security measures here in the seat and another makes a change for for some time russia look to distribute huge amounts of energy to china that is after the few countries agree on a whopping twenty four billion dollar plan to build the world's biggest verbal power plant that's on our web site. also the u.s. is set to lift its debt ceiling once again when it will be able to borrow more than seventeen trillion dollars by and out all the details in our. digital currency bitcoin is lost some of its luster lately as the three main exchange sites have been brought to a halt by massive and sustained online attacks. reports from berlin to use of the currency are digging in for the long haul. they've come to speak to mingle and to promote their vision of an alternative financial system and investors businessmen and curious citizens all gathered here in berlin for
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a conference on what they call a bit point of revolution it's the first digital currency that's not owned or operated by any sort of bank it's guaranteed payment without a middleman you can buy it with the real currency and online exchanges and that's an extract of option for those who think that today's financial system is in fact mean of an overhaul as people see how that coin is used online and they see the advantages the instant transfer of funds the security not having to see your personal data to make these transactions i think a lot of people see these advantages they tell their friends they tell their coworkers they want and they tell the merchants that they they do business with and they expand the sphere of decline and that's a view that seems to be growing more popular nowhere is that more evident than right here in berlin in fact this neighborhood boast the highest concentration of businesses assuption the currency in the world its growing list of bitcoin
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establishment includes a record shop appliance store a boutique and this bar. and here getting your hands on some bitcoins while the digitally speaking is easier than ever instead of buying them from an online exchange you can use this big coin a.t.m. to trade your uro's into bitcoins and use that to buy your happy hour drink and i have four of course bitcoin isn't without risk and the past few weeks haven't been too kind to the cryptocurrency apple remove the last native bitcoin wallet application from its app store and the currency saw its third mega crash in the past few months when the largest bitcoin exchange stopped customer withdrawals because of a glitch in the software of course that led the currency to lose value by a stunning twenty percent just for a day but it's a sign that bitcoin may have a long way to go. before it's safe that's reporting in berlin for r t m d c catherine. turning now to some other major world stories a car bomb exploded near
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a heavily fortified airport in mogadishu the somali capital killing three wounding five police say the device detonated remotely mortars have been fired in the city over the last week sparking fears of a return to violence. a huge storm that swept across the southern u.s. has moved northeast delaying thousands of flights and forcing drivers to abandon vehicles some thirty centimeters of snow dumped on washington d.c. before moving on to new york the storm system previously struck a poorly prepared southern states or a fifteen people died. might not agree but to some it's a high high protein high taste snack furthur reports though it's inmates in u.k. prisons who started to think about the humble cockroach. but stuck at trials on the hit t.v. show i'm a celebrity get me out of here where celebrities are encouraged to eat disgusting dishes has inspired a whole host of creepy crawly cullen re experiences this restaurant here in london
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serving up locusts and crickets among other things on its many but it seems it's not just london customers that have a taste for the unusual according to prisoners magazine inside time one inmate claimed in a letter that prisoners had been trying cockroaches of the watching the t.v. show my favorite snack to supplement the poor and me go to prison diet is cockroaches there are many cockroaches here and the best way to catch them is by placing empty crisp packets on the floor and turning the lights out letter went on to say cockroaches have a nutty taste so when you dip them in chocolate they taste like a free to not bar if celebrities eat them in the jungle then why shouldn't hungry prisoners get a bit of protein to the ministry of justice told us there is no truth behind the allegations in the letter a prison service spokesperson said in the last two years
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we have reduced the average cost of prison food by around eleven percent to one pound ninety six per prisoner per day within this budget prisoners have access to a range of meals that meet nutritional requirements noble ministry of justice say that there is no truth to the allegations the prisoner that eating cockroaches. well. there for all me but i have not it happened yeah we already know all gone yes of course i'm. on the back of off and you get little enough all the good times and as a science also for me to construct is the first to go to greece and that's where my son might be on some long christmas. would not really be called parties because i know the think it conflicts they want almost every me have it i know there's not
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time for me and i should imagine i would get some problems it seems that some people keep on taking any or indeed outs of bug eating programs and supplement think that this is some cases now considered to be a delicacy therof i see london. when i teach kaiser report next.
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trend zero to vnukovo report your best way to the house of mosco. ten a group wants to erect a statue to the lord of darkness in oklahoma city which is the logical name capital of the whole of the cygnus want to build the monument of a goat headed devil in or despite a monument to the ten commandments that was put up in two thousand and twelve yet they maybe should have put up of honor into the ten commandments on public property but does that mean that satan has not ceased other wackos have the right to put up their own twisted monuments well that is it depends on how you look at things technically in western liberalism everyone's beliefs by law are equal even if ninety nine people are christian and they cannot impose on that one poor satanist which sounds nice but in reality that means that those ninety nine christians have
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to tolerate a monument to the infernal master and defiler of the innocent on their way to work every morning part of having a culture means having a group of people of common beliefs and values if you just include anything into the culture then you longer have a culture all that remains are scattered individuals all i'm trying to say is that it's ok to abuse the devil guys but that's just my opinion. no collapsed. depression. these are pretty serious work. and improve your life. are you seeing. more of those bits of. lonely. hearts you. know jane twenty fourteen call muslims we all timid and exhilarated winters in our little
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instance you still need anything now a m a kevin owen on the last of our lives taking you staying for so cheap twenty four take. all odds. welcome to the report you know the united states as many think tanks as the next ten countries combined yes one thousand eight hundred twenty eight tanks to three hundred million people out of thing so. yes max actually the number two is china with four hundred twenty six and then the united kingdom with two hundred eighty seven and you know one of the things i think you see with think tanks is they push these myths on to the population and propaganda for their sort
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of schemes to essentially convince the population to indorse systems and financial systems and economic systems that are bad for them essentially so the way to look at america is with this one the king joffrey defense wealthy teen kills four people in drunk driving accident claiming affluenza so the nine one one call you know when this accident happened it talks about all these scattered bodies all over the place and this rich kid drove drunk and killed these four people normally a normal person would be sentenced to prison for this however this kid was rich his parents were wealthy and the judge accepted the argument that because he was he was given there were no restraints on what he could have in life he was unable to determine what was good and bad right. for a defense free from that. game of thrones king joffrey is the little.


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